Friday, July 13, 2012

Unseen Killers

“Perhaps the most frightening disease is the one that doesn't make its presence known until it's far too late to defeat it. It lies dormant, unseen for days, months, even years, hiding under the skin, undetected or ignored by the body’s natural defenses. Unlike many infections or viruses, which attack quickly and very noticeably, the symptoms of a dormant disease are so subtle, so quiet they hardly seem out of place. And that’s the danger - often a dormant disease will grow so slowly that we become accustomed to its effects without knowing we are doing so. It sits there, waiting for the proper moment when the right set of factors awakens it to fulfill its destructive purpose. Then, when we see this unseen killer for what it is, we can do nothing but watch it consume us, eat away at us, wishing too late we would have seen it for what it is in time to stop it while we could.”

- Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen, Alliance physician, “Social Ills: A Study of Diseases on Large Populations”

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